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5 Star Painting offers top quality house painting services in Singapore with the help of professional painters.

Our promise to you: Reliable painting services for every household in Singapore.

Our team of contractors are dedicated to offering superb painting services to all our customers in Singapore. We never compromise on quality, while maintaining great prices for all. Every house needs a fresh coat of paint after a few years, so don’t delay giving your home a new feeling with our value for money painting packages. Let our professional painters give your home a new look today.






Our Expertise

Professional Painters for Your Home

We make sure you get a quality service when you choose our services and professional painters. Even our cheapest Nippon paints are a top-quality range, offering you a long-lasting finish for your home in Singapore. Combined with our professional, experienced, and reliable contractors, you can colour any room, house, HDB or condo with ease.

A professional team of painters will give you the beautiful finish, so get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll show you why we’re a Singapore favourite! With the cheapest rates and most reliable services, we are the best home painters in the industry. For a no-obligation quotation, please call 8161 2390.

Choose From a Variety of Paints For Home Painting Services

Here at 5 Star Painting, we offer a wide range of Nippon Paint for you to choose from. Whether you prefer Basic, Enhanced or Premium Nippon Paint, we are able to offer our professional painting services for all types of HDB flats and condos in Singapore. Prices differ with the size of your home, take a look at our pricelist below to find out more.


We are the most reliable contractors for HDB painting, with over 30 years of experience in giving your HDB that well-needed makeover. For more information on the specific prices, do head over to tour HDB Painting page.


Starting From


Nippon Paint Matex
Most Affordable


Starting From


Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000
Most Popular


Starting From


Nippon Paint Odour-less all-in-one
Long lasting


Trust your condo painting to our skilled contractors. With over 500 condos painted, you know your house is in good hands.


Starting From


Nippon Paint Matex
Most Affordable


Starting From


Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000
Most Popular


Starting From


Nippon Paint Odour-less all-in-one
Long lasting

Choose From a Variety of Paints for Home Painting Services

Here at 5 Star Painting, we offer a wide range of Nippon Paint for you to choose from. Whether you prefer Basic, Enhanced or Premium Nippon Paint, we are able to offer our professional painting services for all types of residential properties such as HDB flats and condos in Singapore.

  • 1. Odour-less Medifresh
  • 2. Odour-less Easy Wash
  • 3. Odour-less All In 1
  • 4. Easy Wash with Teflon
  • 5. 3 in 1 Medifresh
  • 6. Vinilex 5000
  • 7. Matex

Odour-less Medifresh, used by our contractors, is for individuals who are sensitive to strong smells. This paint emits minimal odour during application, ensuring a more comfortable painting experience. Additionally, it is washable, making it easy to clean and maintain your walls and ceilings. This paint resists common stains and can withstand regular cleaning without losing its quality or colour. It also features a low sheen finish, providing a subtle shine that brightens up your walls while maintaining a sophisticated and clean appearance.

Odour-less Easy Wash paint is preferred for painting services by individuals who are sensitive to smells as it minimises odour emissions, similar to Odour-less Medifresh. It is also designed to be washable, enabling effortless cleaning of walls and ceilings without compromising its quality or appearance. With its low sheen finish, this paint adds a subtle shine that enhances the overall look of the walls, bringing brightness and depth to the space.

Odour-less All In 1 paint is selected by contractors for smell-sensitive individuals as it emits minimal odour during painting, prioritising your comfort. It is also formulated to be washable, allowing for easy cleaning of walls and ceilings without compromising durability or appearance. With its matt finish, Odour-less All In 1 provides walls with a colour that has more depth and impact, adding richness and character to your living spaces.

Easy Wash with Teflon paint is designed to be washable, allowing for regular cleaning of walls and ceilings to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. It withstands cleaning without fading or losing quality. Additionally, it features a low sheen finish, adding a subtle shine that brightens up the room and creates a visually appealing atmosphere. Moreover, the paint incorporates Teflon Technology, providing an additional layer of surface protection. This technology helps repel stains and dirt, ensuring that your walls stay clean and new for a long period after availing of painting services.

3 in 1 Medifresh paint offers an antibacterial feature and is preferred by our professional painters for individuals who prioritise a hygienic environment. It is especially suitable for those with conditions such as asthma, flu, and diarrhoea. Additionally, the paint has a low sheen finish, adding a subtle shine to the walls. This feature brightens up the space, giving it a fresh and inviting look.

Vinilex 5000 paint provides a timeless, classic matt finish. This matte appearance gives walls a sophisticated and elegant look, creating a calm and serene environment. The absence of shine adds a touch of understated beauty to your living spaces. Our professional painters bring out the best in your home with Vinilex 5000 paint, delivering a lasting and refined finish.

Matex paint is an excellent economic choice that doesn't compromise quality. It stands out as a great option for painting services for rental properties, providing a reasonable yet presentable solution for wall painting. It ensures that your rental space maintains a clean and inviting look while staying within budget constraints. Prices to avail of painting services differ with the size of your home, have a look at our price list below to find out more.

Why Choose Us for Reliable Painting Services in Singapore?

Why should you choose us? It is not a hard question to answer. Our painters offer exceptional service with our paints, giving you a lasting, quality finish. Furthermore, we offer competitive rates for quality painting services in Singapore! We care about our customers, and with over 30 years of experience in professional painting, we can guarantee that there’s no job we haven’t done before.


Exceptional Customer Service and Satisfaction

At 5 Star Painting, we prioritise exceptional customer service and satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience, our professional painters have painted thousands of homes in Singapore. Many of our customers are repeat clients who trust us to deliver excellent painting services. We believe that every home in Singapore deserves to look brand new with a simple coat of new paint, and we strive to exceed customer expectations.

Professional and Reliable Painters

We take pride in our professional and reliable painting crew. Our team of painters is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring top-notch services. We give our best from the start to the end of every project, guaranteeing high-quality results. With 5 Star Painting, you can trust that your home will be painted by dedicated and competent contractors.



Use of Premium Quality Paints and Materials

We understand the importance of using premium-quality paints and materials for a long-lasting and visually appealing finish. That's why our contractors only use high-quality paints and materials in our painting projects. Our commitment to using top-notch products ensures that your home receives the best service and maintains its beauty for years to come.


See what some of our past customers have said about our contractors and choose us for all your painting jobs!

Contracted 5 Star to do painting of entire my ceilings and yard area recently. Am very impressed with the dedication, response of Joshua and his two very experienced painters who were very patient and careful in carrying out the painting job. They diligently covered all exposed areas to prevent spillage to the areas beneath and they were very responsible to clean and clear up the mess around . Overall and excellent job despite price paid was on the higher side versus other offers ,, but I think still worthwhile to engage a good contractor for the no hassle job completion in 2 days as per promised. 👍

James Hue


From the point that I contacted 5 Star all the way to completing the work - I would describe the qualities the staff carried are responsiveness, professional, honesty, straightforward, simple, clarity and quality work. The staff I work with from start to end was Joshua. He answered all my questions with lots of patience, straightforward, direct and clear in his communication. The two painters were very helpful and professional. You can see they take pride in their work. The painting was done well. Smooth no patches. They work clean and cleaned up well as well. No damage to my furniture. Very happy and satisfied.

Wendy Koh


Decided to engaged 5 Star Painting after reading good reviews. Joshua was my POC, it was fuss free from online quote to onsite inspection. Joshua explained clearly on the types of paint, colour matching and timeline of painting job. His team did an excellent job in the painting and moves your furniture with care, as well as protect your flooring and furniture prior painting. The workers cleared up after each painting job. I would not hesitate to engage 5 star painting again. Highly recommended 👍 💯 if you're seeking fr painting works to be done. Thank you Joshua and team.

Asheqin Noor


Our Painting Process by Professional Painters in Singapore

The painting process by professional painters at 5 Star Painting involves a series of steps designed to achieve a flawless and polished finish.


Complimentary site visit

Our project manager will come down for a site survey to inspect the wall conditions and provide recommendations of paint type and colours

Non-obligatory quote

Customised quotation will be provide after site survey



Choosing of colours

Selection and recommendation of paint colours


Shifting & protecting your furniture

Furniture will be shifted and protected with professional grade drop sheets to prevent paint drips. Carpentry and flooring that does not require painting will be protected too.



Painting done by our in-house professional painters using genuine paint.
It begins with thorough surface preparation, including cleaning and repairing any imperfections.
Applying a primer creates a smooth foundation and enhances paint adhesion.
Once the surface is ready, our professional painters carefully cut in around edges and corners before using rollers or brushes to apply the paint evenly.
Multiple coats may be required to ensure optimal coverage and depth of colour.
Attention to detail is paramount throughout the process, ensuring clean lines, seamless application, and sufficient drying time between coats.
Area that was started will be finished by the end of the day.


Reinstating of furniture

Drop Sheets will be removed and furnitures will be shifted back to the original positions.



Painters will perform final touch-ups A meticulous inspection is conducted to guarantee the desired outcome, with any necessary touch-ups or adjustments made with 1 year warranty given upon completion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Painting Services in Singapore

At 5 Star Painting in Singapore, we believe in transparency. Before starting the painting process, we provide detailed quotations, ensuring that there are no hidden costs. You can rely on us for a clear breakdown of the pricing of our service, so you know exactly what to expect.

We understand the importance of cleanliness. Our contractors take necessary precautions to minimise any mess or dirt during the painting process. We use protective covers for furniture and floors, and we clean up the work area after completion, leaving your house in a clean and tidy condition.

At 5 Star Painting, we prioritise timely service. Our team of professional painters is ready to start as soon as possible, depending on our current schedule and availability. You can email us by filling up the contact form or for a quicker response, call us at 8161 2390, and we will work with you to find the earliest possible start date.

We are confident in our ability to provide a fresh new look for your home without any issues. However, we still stand behind the quality of our work and provide a one-year warranty for our painting service, ensuring that you receive reliable and durable results. In case of any issues, please reach out to us, and we will address them promptly.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In the rare event of dissatisfaction with our painting service, please contact us to discuss your concerns. We will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis and work towards a suitable resolution, which may include a refund if appropriate.